About Us

ZeroDayPhoto was formed in 2007. Our goal is to provide quality performance photos at a reasonable price.

ZeroDayPhoto was started by Calvin Wong and John Behring. Calvin had a dream that he could have his own race photo's available in less than 24 hours. Calvin, tired of waiting for long periods of time to download race photos decided he would help start a company that comes out with quick nice photos ready to be downloaded in less than 24 hours after the race ended. Calvin told John this dream, and John was amazed. "That is a great idea," said John. John told Calvin, "What if we took your idea and made a really nice web page that is fully searchable and fast for people to download their pictures?" Calvin then said, "Let's make it, we'll call it ZeroDayPhoto." John then said, "Sounds good, lets get started, I have a really nice camera and also a credit card that we can buy our supplies on, but we better hope that this works or we're done. Since we have no money right now." And so it began 2 men, 1 dream, 1 mission. Hope you like our site!

ZeroDayPhoto is located in beautiful Danville, CA. We take pictures in roughly a 100 mile square radius of our home city. You never know you may see us at your next sporting event.

About Calvin

Trail runner, ran the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run in June, 2011 and is currently training for this year's WS100 again! One of his favorite run group is Wed. Night Run at Forward Motion Sports in Danville.

About John

Avid runner, cyclist. Just finished a Double Centry bike ride is Solvang, CA; currently training for Tahoe Rim Trail 50 Mile Endurance Run in July. He resides in Danville, CA. If you're ever in-town, you should drop-in for a bike ride. Cyclist wanted!

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